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Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printers[edit | edit source]

These printers were obtained for use with the Mobile 3D Printing Trike, and therefore are not included in the list of available printers in the makerspace. The Monoprice Select Mini is a re-branding of the Malyan M200, so you may need to look for resources on that printer when researching use of the Monoprice Select Mini. Printers are now currently being used for library visits. Any questions should be directed to Sam Bischel. If you wish to volunteer to help with the printers and their travels please email

Connection[edit | edit source]

Please use the raspberry pi for network upload for gcodes. Also when printing please do not print over usb to calibration issues.

Firmware Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Firmware upgrades will be done when it is deemed necessary. These Upgrades are only need every once and a while when printing or changing system or wifi. Please do not do these yourself. Sam Bischel can do these for he has experience with these. Any questions should be directed to Sam at

External Information[edit | edit source]

Members currently able to run the Monoprice Select Minis[edit | edit source]

Member Name Date Approved
Sam Bischel August 27th 2016