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Member Projects Page

The make717 place to document your project or group projects occuring at make717 so that others can help, follow, or even duplicate them.

Member Projects List:

Project Name Members Involved Description
N8's i3 Printer Nate Making a self-sourced i3-style Reprap 3D printer.
City Skyline Gregg Making a back lit skyline
TrolCat Michael A user-configurable CNC machine.
QuiltBot Michael Robotic Sewing Machine
LaserCube Michael, Nate Modding a Cube 3D printer to a portable laser engraver

Learn by Building Series

A series of designed projects that involve two or more work areas at make717 to complete. Some of these focus on use for younger makers at various outreach session coordinated by make717. Enjoy!

Disk Thing

Designer: Michael Dennis

Work Areas Involved

  • Laser: Cut Disk Thing and disks
  • General Work Space: Assemble and test

Description A disk launcher that uses recycled cardboard for ammunition. The launcher is assembled from interlocking plywood parts and is powered by a rubber band. This project is sized to work on the LaserCube, so it can be transported to a school, library, or other public space. Makers learn to set up the laser and run a job. Then they assemble and tune the toy. The toy can be the focus of an elementary physics/mechanics lesson. Lessons about recycling can be introduced.

9V LED Flashlight

Designer: Michael Dennis

Work Areas Involved

  • Electronic: Dead bug circuit construction
  • 3D Print: Housing for electronics
  • Laser Etch: Personalization of housing


Young makers will solder and assemble a small 9V powered white LED flashlight using a 3D printed housing. The housing can be customized by laser etching. The session will introduce a schematic representaton of the design for the switch, LED, and current limiting resistor. A connection diagram will lead participants through the dead bug soldering implementation contrasting the difference between electrical representation of a circuit and physical construction. If time and equipment availability permit the housing will be 3D printed by the student with access to the design files. The 3D printing process includes slicing of the design file and setup and operation of the printer. If time or equipment are limited the housing can be 3D printed in advance. The 3D printed housing can be customized by laser etching lettering into the unit.

Design and Print 3D Objects on an iPAD

Designers: Don Dagen and Matt Gorton and modified by Ben Eisemann and Bruce Schreiner

Work Areas Involved

  • 3D Design: Morphi app used to create design on iPAD
  • 3D Printing: 3D printers used to print designs


This session was designed for younger makers to create a 3D design quickly on an iPAD using the Morphi app and then printing it. Participants can quickly go from the design to holding the print while learning about the 3D printing process. This is sometimes supplemented with 3Doodler pens to visually demonstrate the 3D printing process. make717 has done versions of this session using the Morphi app and TinkerCAD at First Friday events in downtown Lancaster, local hand-on science museums, libraries, and schools. You just bring a few iPADs, a few 3D printers, and a lot of willing volunteers and open the doors to kids. We continue to hone the process with small format 3D printers that are more mobile being our next improvement.

Develop an Android Phone App

Designer: Bruce Schreiner

Work Areas Involved

  • Electronic: App programming using MIT App Inventor


Learn how to easily develop Android apps for personal use and distribution to friends using the MIT App Inventor platform. This visual programming environment based on blocks dragged from the organized groups eliminates the need to master syntax while still providing a means to access all the sensors provided by modern cell phones and tablets including GPS, accelorometers, text messaging, web access, and more. The resources used are exceptional and free so that you can either learn on your own or continue to develop your skills after the sessions.