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Make717 Maker-in-Charge Program

Become a Maker-in-Charge

The make717 Innovation Center is a 100% volunteer-driven community organization. The maker-in-charge program allows us to staff the hours of operation with maker members. In exchange for every hour volunteered as a maker-in-charge, you will receive 5% off the following month's membership renewal. Volunteer 20 hours or more, and your next month's membership is FREE! That is just 5 hours a week and you can be working on your own projects.

Schedule your Time

Hours are scheduled on a monthly basis. You can volunteer as much or as little time as you have available. You can also bring your projects and work in the space while you are volunteering. We just ask that you be available to greet people as they enter the makerspace and answer any questions that members or guests may have. Earn your membership while you use the space . . . can't get any better than that.

Volunteer Management Scheduling Software
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WhenToWork Online Employee Scheduling

Maker-in-Charge (MIC) and 24/7 Opening and Closing Checklists

This is our chance to keep make717 in a safe and operational mode for all members that pay to access the space and use the equipment.

Opening make717

The goal is to maintain and manage a safe and productive work environment

  • Turn on hallway lights and main work area lights


  • Know the safety rules and safe work habits
  • Guide and inform members of safe practices and develop an attitude of safety for all
  • Check safety taped areas and safety eyewear stands are in place
  • Check that the usage seal on the fire extinguisher is in place so that it is ready for use
  • SDS book and safety binder in proper location
  • Check first aid kits and eyewash stations for proper levels and integrity. Report any need supplies to


  • Check physical operation of all doors and make certain that all hallways, exits, and entrances are clear
  • Bar on entrance door not jammed, emergency exit at rear of hallway not blocked

Check Equipment

  • 3D printer prints removed from bed, laser cutter and related equipment turned off and key returned to lock box, CNC equipment off and not left running, computers and chairs in place, machine equipment and tools turned off and clean, and general tools returned to proper storage area.
  • Check the integrity and location of all chairs and stools (wheels and sitting areas are sound)


  • Clean, vacuum, and/or sweep areas and floors as needed (janitor closet, dust collector, shop vacs)


  • Greet makers when they enter the space - check that they have access cards, check for picture on magnetic board, and active member in good standing check
  • Handle tours of the space for interested people that drop in, encourage Saturday scheduled tours for others
  • Understand scheduled tours on Saturday, orientation requirements for each work area, workshops and paid events, becoming a member procedures, credit-card only, make717 makerspace philosophy (independent learning by projects), pay for PLA procedures, getting started links on the website, Wiki access, and forums on the website.


  • Incident report location and procedures for injuries that occur at the space.


  • There is additional 3D printing filament supplies in the storage closet for 3D printers if needed. Remember to label and price these before use.


  • Oversee the use of the equipment maintenance logs when repairs or modifications are required of equipment to resolve problems or enhance the operation

Closing make717

The goal in closing is to secure the area and make certain that the space is ready for use either the next day for open hours or for 24/7 access to members.

  • All prime time members and guests must leave when the last 24/7 or MIC member leaves
  • The last 24/7 member or MIC most do an inside scan of their entry card and make sure the red light turns off so that prime time members cannot access the space when the space is empty
  • Check all areas including both the men’s and women’s bathrooms and the storage closet to make sure everyone has left the building
  • Turn off the bathroom lights, the hallway light, and the 3 main work area lights. The hallway light by the main entrance is an emergency light and is always on.
  • Push the chairs and stools under the appropriate desks and work areas while checking the seating area integrity and wheel integrity
  • Quick clean-up and inspection of all areas to make sure equipment is turned off if required, no jobs are left running on equipment that must be observed, and all general tools are returned to their home
  • Turn off any soldering equipment in the electronics area.
  • Communicate any issues via e-mail to Bruce Schreiner.

New MIC and 24/7 Member Training

When a member changes status to use the space for 24/7 or a member desires to become a MIC they need to know some more things about the operation of the makerspace. Experienced MIC's or other responsible members can provide the training needed using the following guide.


  • Emergency and Trouble Call Numbers on or Close to Doors
  • Explain the location of Stevens (TSCT) security and their role
  • Lancaster City/Lancaster Township - State Police/Manheim Township Police
  • Suggest storing contact phone numbers in phone


  • Member Parking
  • make717 reserved spaces (2) for unloading and member use
  • Faculty and student spaces in lot during semester (after 2:30PM all spaces should be OK for make717 use)
  • Clark Street lot ½ block west is always available

Access for Different Member Types

  • Operation of the front door RFID card system explained
  • Members start as prime time (open hours only) and when MIC or 24/7 member present
  • 24/7 and MIC members have access all times and their entrance card scan (red light on) causes the door to work for prime time members
  • Last person out for 24/7 and MIC members must scan out (on the controller) so prime time members cannot enter beyond open hours (red light off)

Hours of Operation

  • Open Hours
  • Website for schedule
  • Use of Telegram app for signaling access beyond open hours (with MIC or 24/7 member present)

Safety Documents and Procedures

  • MSDS/SDS for all materials and chemicals coming into the space to be processed
  • General safety documents and procedures for make717 during orientation and in print
  • Model machining, electronic, 3D printing, CNC cutting, and laser cutting and etching documents and procedures during orientation and in print
  • Print SDS, safety, and procedures at door with QR code links for electronic access

Incident Reports for Injuries

  • 3 Perspectives: member involved report, MIC report, safety committee report
  • Hard copies in file cabinet
  • Communication about incident, collect reports, follow-up until completion

Access to Areas within make717

  • Locked Areas
  • Key cabinet for make717 keys
  • Storage cabinet for supplies - eventual RFID card access
  • Electronics and make717 business chest for secure items
  • Members in Good Standing-Only in Space
  • Occasional visitors allowed for specific purposes - maker sponsoring visitor is responsible for the visitor and their actions unless special events
  • Pay via online website, credit card only!
  • Verification of members in good standing via website and magnetic picture board
  • Membership payment process requires manual verification before appearing on the website and could take more than a day

make717 Work Schedule (MIC Only)

  • Choose your own hours on 1 hour block via website application
  • Important to attend scheduled hours or make717 is not open - notify Bruce at and/or find a replacement.


  • Pay for PLA and perhaps other materials in future
  • Weigh printed materials and log on clipboard. May save until reasonable cost accumulated before paying.
  • PLA pricing should be marked on spool, new spool cost formula in storage area
  • Send via PayPal to