Laser Cutting and Etching

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Laser Cutting and Etching[edit | edit source]

Laser Cutter & Etching Group[edit | edit source]

Position Member(s)
Coordinator: Dave Tesche
Trainers: Dave Tesche, Michael Dennis
Maintenance Team

Equipment Safety[edit | edit source]

Laser radiation can cause blindness.
Laser radiation can cause burns.
Laser radiation can start fires.
Shock hazard - High Voltages present.
Moving parts can crush or cut.
Fumes, ash and residue from laser operations may be toxic.
  • Only members in good standing who have been qualified through training (see Required Orientation, below) may operate the laser.
  • Always perform an inspection of the laser and auxiliary equipment before applying power. Report damage to the Laser Master (LAMA).
  • Never use the laser unless an operable CO2 fire extinguisher at hand.
  • Start the chiller, ventilator and air assist pump before starting the laser.
  • The key is intended to ensure that the laser is safely disabled before performing maintenance, and disabled when unattended. Make sure the key is controlled at all times - in your possession or locked away.
  • Home the laser as soon as it is connected to the network.
  • Remember to focus the laser before etching or cutting.
  • In the event of a fire, press the emergency stop. If the fire does not self-extinguish, use a CO2 extinguisher on the laser.
  • If fire spreads beyond the laser, evacuate the area, sound the fire alarm, call security, 911, and the Make717 organizers.
  • Turn the key off and remove it when you are done your job.
  • Clean the laser when finished with it. Do not attempt to clean the mirrors.
  • Power off all the auxiliary equipment when done.
  • Wash your hands after handling ash from the laser. Protective gloves are provided if you prefer.
  • UV protective eye wear is provided if you intend to watch the laser for prolonged periods of time.

Required Orientations[edit | edit source]

All users of the laser have to take an orientation class and pass a practicum under the supervision of a trainer. The classes are scheduled according to demand, but we try to do at least one class a month.

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