Edge-lit Sign Making Workshop

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Creating an Edge-lit Sign Workshop[edit | edit source]

Edge-lit Make717 Sign.jpg

This course will be to teach students how to create an edge-lit acrylic sign using the Makerspace's Laser Cutter. Although some vector design work will be required in Inkscape, the focus of this course will not be on using Inkscape - rather it will be on creating the finished product and properly using the laser cutter for a beginner project from concept to completion. Students are encouraged to bring their own vector designs to the class.

We will meet once to discuss the course and work on designing or preparing your vector image for work on the laser. Tips and tricks for how to design a file for cutting/engraving on the laser will be discussed.

Finally, students will individually schedule 1-on-1 time with the instructor to return and complete their engraving. Engraving on the laser and then finishing the piece can take up to an hour, so future slots will be scheduled on the laser cutter as students and the instructor are available.