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Bus Pirate 3.6 - "hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff"

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Bus Pirate attempts to be the low cost Swiss Army Knife of electronic tools. A popular use of it is to give a command line interface for testing a number of communication protocols (including I2C, SPI, JTAG, UART, and others) to different integrated circuits. It can also be used as a simple Logic Analyzer or Oscilloscope, but given its low cost, there are a number of limitations in these modes.

Kit[edit | edit source]

Make717 has one Bus Pirate 3.6 kit in a black bag in the electronics section. The kit also contains a number of connectors and probes that can be used to hook up to other electronics. Included is the LCD breakout board, however, this board uses all the connection pins from the Bus Pirate and thus can't be used when communicating with other devices. The most useful interface to the Bus Pirate is a terminal connection.

Documentation[edit | edit source]