Aligning the vise on the milling machine

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Vise Alignment of the make717 Mill/Drill

Aligning the vise on the mill/drill should not take more than a few minutes. It must be done every time the vise is removed and replaced or when a cutting tool accidentally hits the vise.

It also should be done if you are milling a workpiece that can’t be held in the vise but requires a true edge.

Before starting, check that the vise or workpiece is snug, but not tight to the table.

Take the plunger back dial indicator (located in the top drawer of the Husky cabinet) and clamp it securely in the drill chuck. Lower the headstock so the back plunger is just below the top of the fixed vise jaw. Put a load of 0.030” – 0.040” on the dial indicator (DI).

Move the mill x axis to the other end of the fixed jaw while observing the DI. Gently tap the vise while observing the DI so that the reading on the end is the same as the reading on the first end.

Vise align.jpg

Now move the x axis in the opposite direction to see if the initial reading has changed. If so, adjust it to read the same as the other end. You may need to move back and forth several times. With practice two or three passes will show no more than a difference of 0.001” from one side to the other. That is usually good enough for most work. If you cannot achieve this degree of precision or for some reason don’t need it, please leave a note on the vise when you’re finished that states ‘NOT ALIGNED”. This is a courtesy to the next operator.