Where to Buy Supplies

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Where to Buy Supplies

Sometimes one of the challenges for a project is where to get the supplies needed to start making it. This page will help you locate common supplies for 3D printing, laser cutting and etching, electronic projects, machining, and CNC projects. make717 has also established some contacts with vendors for conditional discounts on purchases.

3D Printing Supplies

Laser Cutting and Etching Supplies

Electronic Projects and Parts

make717 Discounts


make717 has a 30% discount for many items from Adafruit with a minimum order of $250, make717 is actually listed as a makerspace and reseller of Adafruit products. Maker members wanting to take advantage of this discount must place an order of $250 or over or gather enough people to reach the $250 minimum per order. The 30% does not apply to all items.

80/20 Parts

make717 also has a 50% discount for 80/20 items purchased for make717 projects from 80/20 distributor Intek Systems. Please identify your 80/20 part numbers and quantities and then approach Ben Eisemann or Bruce Schreiner for assistance placing the order through Intek Systems.